What's Considered?

During child custody cases, the child’s gender, age, and health is evaluated and considered. They also review previous living conditions and if any abuse took place. Also considered is where the child currently lives, goes to school, what friends they have, and access to medical aid. In some cases of older children, courts also consider the child’s preferences.

Parent Evaluation

The court will also evaluate the parents to determine custody. They look at the physical and mental health of parents, the lifestyle of each parent, and whether or not they are capable of providing for the emotional and physical needs of their children. It is important for parents to be willing to provide a good home for their children if they want custody.

Child Custody Lawyers

Many parents living in El Paso seek the help of an El Paso child custody attorney to help them during their divorce and child custody legal battle. A lawyer is also recommended long after a divorce is final in order to make changes to child custody arrangements. These lawyers are experienced regarding child custody and can negotiate a fair arrangement.

For help with your child custody case, contact a lawyer who is knowledgeable with child custody and child support law in the state of Texas. Your children will grow up fast so it’s important to give them the best opportunity to experience a happy childhood. You will be glad you did.